Posted: July 6, 2012

Join us for EAT WINNIPEG

Experience the best Manitoba Regional Cuisine.

Enjoy three-course tasting menus featuring fresh new local ingredients only available at fusion grill.

Whether you live in the City or will be visiting Winnipeg this July you don’t want to miss a single bite of Chef Lorna Murdoch’ s 3 Course Tasting Menus featuring:

  • Juicy ginseng fed chicken that’s really good and really good for you.
  • Meaty Northern Pike from Lake Kisseynew. The halibut of the prairie.
  • Fresh made fettucine with a cornucopia of big vegetarian flavour

$36 per person

Tuesday to Saturday July 3 to 21

Make an online reservation now or call (204) 489-6963 for more information and to make a reservation.

Here’s the entire menu with Scot’s wine pairings included for just $14 per flight.