Authentic FRESH ingredients

We source ingredients direct from the producers, fisher-folk & foragers. Our talented Chef creates dishes that pop with fresh flavour.

chicken fried whitefish, dirty rice, smoked butter holly

LOCAL Prairie Cuisine

By sourcing local ingredients and ‘fusing’ them with global flavours, we’ve created the quintessential taste of Manitoba. Enjoy this unique dining experience with local craft beer, a clever cocktail or an inspired wine pairing.

grass-fed-beef-steakGrilled bison tenderloin

ORGANIC because we care

Great food starts with great ingredients like our all-natural, sustainably sourced, ethically raised, Prairie grass-fed beef. Our friendly, knowledgeable servers will help you find vegan or gluten free menu items along with any dietary preferences or allergies.

Bramans micro greens

adele Braman in Springfield, Mb

Sustainably WILD

The quality of indigenous food like mushrooms, berries & fish in Manitoba is second to none. You’re going to love the flavour of authentic prairie cuisine.

Grilled elk from the Tasting Menu

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