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Featuring Winnipeg brewers & distillers, tasty adult cocktails made without alcohol along with internationally recognized spirits

Local Craft Brew

What do YOU feel like?

Lager or Ale, Pilsner or Porter, Saison or Sour, IPA, IBU.

Name your style & we’ll set you up with the latest selection from an excellent assortment of Winnipeg craft brewers.


Whether it’s an original cocktail creation or a classic with an innovative twist, here’s a sample from the ‘Drink Tube.’

Hazy Daisy: Sombra Mezcal-fresh lime juice-simple syrup-rocks

Buffarole: Buffalo Trace bourbon-Aperol-rocks-bitters-twist

Satin Manhattan: Crown Royal-Rosso-bitters & Mom’s brandied cherry

Gimli Sour: Crown Royal-fresh squeezed lemon-simple syrup-rocks

Luscious Libby: WPG Vodka-Triple Sexxx-cranberry-lime-shake

Bubbly Cocktails with Prosecco

fusion Royale: Sparkling white wine- sliver of Icewine -Mom’s brandied cherry

Ella: St. Germaine Elderflower Liquer – rhubarb bitters & rosemary

The Professor: Canton Ginger Liqueur – pickled ginger-Secco

Patent 75: Blossom Gin- fresh lemon-simple syrup-lavender bitters

Dry Cider

Dead Horse Creek: Apple cider & Sour Cherry Cider

Without Alcohol

Let us create you a tasty adult cocktail featuring fresh local ingredients, shrubs, bitters, tinctures… OH MY!

Wolseley Kombucha seasonal flavours

Heineken Alcohol Free

Support local business.
Winnipeg has the best craft brewers and distillers.