A Rare Cut of Bison

I’ve been in the restaurant business for decades, spend a bit of time on the farm & had a summer job working at a meat packer / abattoir. What I hadn’t heard of, until recently, was an unusual cut of meat called the teres major. Also known as the petite tender, shoulder tender or the innocuous mock tender.

In our continuing efforts to showcase unique Manitoba Cuisine at fusion grill, we serve a lot of bison using this atypical cut. It’s located in the group of muscles we generally call chuck, so it has that robust meaty flavour. What it doesn’t have, is the chew. Unlike the rest of the chuck, this muscle is lean & tender, second only to filet mignon. It’s perfect for grilling, especially if you like your steak rare-medium rare with a deep rich flavour.

If you’re looking for a cut of meat with great taste and texture, the teres major is the best of both worlds.  It’s also a really good value compared to other cuts. We’re very lucky to be working with a savvy producer who is locating, segmenting and saving this rare cut for you to enjoy at fusion grill.

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