a rush of Fiddleheads

The succulent fiddlehead season is on.  Here they are emerging from the forest floor near Lac du Bonnet, Mb, before unfurling into the innocuous ostrich fern. This peculiar foraged green proudly signals the bounty of mushrooms, berries and all the wild things Mother Nature has to provide in the summer to come.

fiddleheads near lac 3For the short time that we have tender fresh fiddleheads at fusion grill, you can enjoy them on creative nightly specials that highlight flavours akin to asparagus, okra and green beans. The dinner entrees will include a sautéed sample to satisfy curious first timers and seasoned fans alike.

In keeping with prairie tradition, Chef Lorna and her crew are busy pickling, blanching and freezing fiddleheads so you can enjoy their wonder throughout the coming seasons.  In winter, fresh, ice-caught pickerel cheeks with a pickled fiddlehead aioli will replenish and remind us of all the delicious wild things that grow on the prairie. There really is nothing quite like it.- Scot


The flavour of Freshness.
We purchase raw ingredients direct from local producers, fisher-folk & foragers.