Braman’s “Field of Greens”

It was -13C & blowing like hell Monday, but in side Braman’s greenhouse it was a balmy +32.Bramans micro greens

Food-porn star Jerry, Grajewski Foto, took some brilliant video of Doug & Adele’s farm where they produce the lush greens we put on your plates. You can see him in the background setting up on a ladder.

We documented the care, attention to detail & the love Braman’s puts into this Field of Greens. No sign of chemicals or any un-natural shit in their delicious dirt.¬†

Bramans dirt 2Watch for in house fresh made desserts adorned with beautiful edible flowers, like the nasturtiums at the end of this line of gorgeous micro greens. Spring time is a great time for healthy fresh salads featuring these meticulously groomed¬†leaves, but it’s great to have them just about all year long from this lush tropical paradise on the prairie.

Cant wait to see the video featuring these very good suppliers of herbs, greens & flowers. Stay tuned.

The flavour of Freshness.
We purchase raw ingredients direct from local producers, fisher-folk & foragers.