Celebrate Organic Week

Celebrate Organic Week at fusion grill. Join us for a sensational 4-course all organic feast featuring the best local ingredients with vegan and organic options, too. Thursday, September 27 at 6:30. Call us for reservations, menu details and more information. 204-489-6963

the organic dinner menu

1st Course

Soup of Tomorrow: Roast heirloom squash with coconut yogurt.


Fresh market greens with seasonal vegetable and apple cider vinaigrette.

2nd Course

Beet Carpaccio with pickled wheat berries, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and lentil sprouts.


Gnocchi with mixed mushrooms, roast garlic, wilted arugula and a popped wild rice cream.


Tomato salad with tempura avocado, basil vinaigrette and John Russell Honey drizzle.

3rd Course


EJH organic pork with caramelized onion tart, apple relish, Sea buckthorn berry and Malivoire red wine sauce.


MOMA Beef short ribs with Chef made bacon, baby potatoes, hollandaise and phyllo structure.


Vegetarian tourtière fall vegetables, quinoa, brown rice, crispy chard, grilled tomatillo compote, veggie demi and tomato pumpkin emulsion.

4th Course

Flaxseed and almond butter apple crumble with honeyed coconut sorbet.


Poached pear with cheddar and house made cracker.


Pumpkin crème brulee with pepita cookie.

The flavour of Freshness.
We purchase raw ingredients direct from local producers, fisher-folk & foragers.