Ciao! Taste the World

Celebrating the global tastes of Winnipeg, fusion grill presents some brilliant flavours from all over the world featuring the best from right here in our own back yard.

Hip freshwater fish fans and Trinis all over the city are going to absolutely freak over the Bake and Shark with Lake Kisseynew northern pike starring as the shark. We’re fryin’ “bake” just like grannie and serving a bright beet slaw with loads of hot condiments including locally grown shado beni green sauce. Transport yourself to Maracas Beach for a lunch sammi you are going to remember for the rest of your days. $12.00

Charcuterie? Yah, it’s more popular than ever and for an in-Seine lunch, Chef Lorna embraces duck livers and butter for a creamy rich pâté spiked with VSOP brandy. It’s served on a fresh baked croissant with a local fennel, BC apricot and plum wine compote. Indulge yourself with a glass of Icewine and Kapow! Game over. $12.00

Included in this years selection of tasty $12 lunch treats is a Vegan Jambalaya with gumbo filé powder made from dried sassafras leaves. A must have ingredient for authentic jambalaya. Fresh local vegetables and tomato are all cooked down with arborio rice to produce a culinary delight vegans and spicy foodies everywhere are going to love. Did I mention it’s gluten free. It’s gluten free. $12.00 Slap Your Momma!

See the entire fusion grill lunch menu and remember we’re Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. See you soon.

For a complete list of restaurant participating in the Ciao! Winnipeg Taste the World event click here.

The flavour of Freshness.
We purchase raw ingredients direct from local producers, fisher-folk & foragers.