Gastrocomique! April 9

Award winning comedian, Derek Edwards is the Headliner for this years Winnipeg Comedy Festival dining indulgence, Gastrocomique! It’s an intimate Dinner/Stand-up Comedy Show combo that will have you “Laughing Yourself to Death,” the theme for this 13th year of the festival. Click here to laugh!

Chef Lorna Murdoch opens with a multi-course dining extravaganza and Derek Edwards, one of the funniest comedians working, closes with his unique brand of observational hilarity.

Tickets are on sale at fusion grill and the Gas Station Theater, both online and at the venues. For more information call 204.489.6963Comedy festival_logo_nodate

the menu

to Begin:

Dead Head Soup. Pleasantly aromatized fish head stock with Black Tiger prawns, PEI mussels, Sea scallops and organic potatoes

Soylent Greens. A salad of wilted spinach, greens, basil, parsley, goat’s cheese, leeks, walnuts, carrot and red wine vinaigrette

Morel Dilemma. Vermicelli with local preserved morel mushrooms, black garlic, parmesan and hollandaise

Main  Course

Turducken. Mb Turkey stuffed with Sungrown chicken stuffed with duck sausage and served on a bed of buttermilk grits and frittered apple

Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pie. Grass-fed beef tongue, salt pork, bacon and beef with plum preserve and saffron custard in a delectable pastry crust

The Ripper. Roast Jack fish with jance (almond, ginger, saffron & wine) asparagus, caramelized onion, marinated raisins & a potato parsnip pottage with nutmeg


Whipped cream puffs with fig jelly, ginger custard & Bernard Callebaut chocolate dip

Baked bananas, steel cut oats, brown sugar & cinnamon crumble with vanilla ice cream

Cheese Plate. Soft, firm & hard cheeses with savory waffles, nuts and dried fruit

“Join us for a deliciously funny evening”

Canada's One and Only, Derek Edwards

Canada’s One and Only, Derek Edwards

The flavour of Freshness.
We purchase raw ingredients direct from local producers, fisher-folk & foragers.