Pickerel Season is Open!

Lentils with pickerelIt’s pickerel fishing season once again and that means that everyday we’re serving fresh out of the water walleye to anyone who doesn’t live in Manitoba or Northwest Ontario. On the prairie and the shield we call our favourite freshwater fish, pickerel.

It’s flesh is light and white. Tender, delicate really, with the kind of subtle sweetness you can only get from protein cooked right out of the water. Lakes surround us and right now fusion grill is serving pickerel the very same day it’s caught, cleaned and delivered.

The very same day.

Tasting it today brings back memories of fishing with my Uncle Joe and the dee-licious shore lunches he’d cook over an open fire for us kids. To capture this moment, Chef Lorna cleverly smokes beluga lentils for a ravioli stuffing that brings an incredible level of campfire sophistication to the dining room.

At fusion grill we source your fish direct from the people who catch it. It’s always off a quota, which means when you order pickerel at fusion grill you’re supporting sustainable fishing practices in Manitoba. That means we’ll have delicious fresh pickerel for future generations to come.

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We purchase raw ingredients direct from local producers, fisher-folk & foragers.