This is the ‘GOOD’ Beef

Why do we serve 100% grass-fed & finished beef? The number 1 reason is taste! Our guests find that our grilled grass-fed beef steaks have a more robust meaty flavour than most conventionally raised beef. Chef Lorna also transforms the bones into an ooey gooey demi-glace. A sauce rich & thick with the natural collagens from the grass-fed beef.

It’s better for you because of a healthier balance of essential fatty acids, & no artificial hormones or antibiotics. Plus, when you order a steak at fusion grill, you are directly supporting a 4th generation farm family near Arborg, Mb. headed by Bragi & Heather Simundsson.

It’s better for our planet because the cattle break up the pasture with their hooves and return nutrients to the soil naturally. Similar to bison herds sustainably living on the prairie for thousands of years. Animals raised this way produce substantially less methane gas, too.

It’s better for the animals. They live naturally clean lives, rotating on pasture land with fresh water, feed & forest for cover. Low stress contributes to a better tasting product. Did you know the beef we serve is certified by the Winnipeg Humane Society for ethical treatment of animals?

What do the animals eat in the winter?

Bragi & Heather grow alfalfa, and other grasses which are siloed (stored) for winter feeding. They keep 10-20 million leaf cutter bees annually, to naturally pollinate these crops, as well as others like peaola. 

Simply put; growing peas & canola together (peaola) is similar to the Native American practice known as the Three Sisters.  Canola takes nitrogen out of the soil and the peas put it back into the soil. This means no fertilizer & better soil. Planting the two together is advantageous in fighting off pests. So no need for pesticide. The structure of their root systems also contribute to symbiotic growth benefits. 

After the seed is removed the (non GMO) canola, & the pea stalks & leaves are also siloed (stored) for feed in the winter months. 

How is it important?

Essentially it’s a naturally based sustainable ecosystem that is called regenerative agriculture. Good heathy food produced in a good way, by, & for, our Mother Earth. Learn more here:

You can have the best steak & more at fusion grill. Fresh. Local. Organic. Wild. Healthy. Sustainable. Manitoba Cuisine. Come & get it! – Scot

The flavour of Freshness.
We purchase raw ingredients direct from local producers, fisher-folk & foragers.